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Um, it's been a while... but here we go!

Lately I've been wanting some good ol' kidfic of the de-aged!fic subgenre...


the ups and downs of you by [personal profile] raphaela667
Synopsis: Starfleet era, de-aged!fic. Starfleet first officers did not regress to childhood without at least submitting prior warning to their commanding officers. They'd established that after the whole Pon Farr mess last year. There were rules about Vulcan biology and scaring the hell out of Jim now. This had to be in violation of at least three of them.
Quote: We’ll find out what little Vulcans like to eat, anyway
Notes: Super. Cute.

Imprint by [profile] db_mmxx WiP
Synopsis: Starfleet era, de-aged!fic, pre-slash. After a mission goes wrong, Kirk must deal with a de-aged Spock and fight to keep them both alive. Spock grows attached and begins to worry that he won’t remember his time with Kirk once he’s changed back.
Quote: "I am Spock," he said in a small, level voice. "You know my name, but I profess to having no knowledge of who you are or how I came to be here."
Notes: I resonate with the characterization and Spock's inner musings provide me with much amusement and tears. It's like crack to me.

Present by
Synopsis: Starfleet-era, de-aged!kidfic, gen, fluff. A fill for this prompt at st_xi_kink: Kirk/Spock. Deaged!Spock (around 5 or 6) doing arts and crafts. He makes something sweet for Kirk
Quote: It was probably, Sulu mused, the cutest thing he'd ever seen, and he shared the bridge with Pavel Chekov.
Notes: Super ridiculously cute.

The Ivy Crown by ladyblahblah WiP
Synopsis: Starfleet-era, de-aged!kidfic. Vague A/U. What would have happened if Kirk and Spock had known each other as children? Yes, another one of those.
Quote: There’s nothing fun about Vulcans. They’re logical and boring and, if Jim’s being completely honest, just the tiniest bit scary.
Notes: Engrossing, character driven and a must read.

Harry Potter
Secrets by Vorabiza
Synopsis: Beginning with Draco's unexpected arrival at the Dursleys, Harry's summer after sixth year becomes filled with activity and many secrets. As his summer progresses, Harry generates several unexpected allies as he finds himself actively becoming the leader of the Light side.
Notes: On hold:
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Sweet Precisions and Soft Collisions Series: six things that changed, its sequel, and then this, followed by McCoy had some thoughts, while Spock got some tea and made some decisions, and Pike had some problems but before any of that could happen, Jim got homesick by raphaela667
Synopsis: Starfleet era, Childhood AU. (Kirk/Spock) For [personal profile] jamjar who requested an AU where Jim was on Vulcan as a kid where he meets Spock, I didn't get all your bonuses in and I'm sorry. This is quite the little 'verse in my head now though.
Notes: Also sort of an Academy AU with the childhood AU element... I wish there was a masterpost of it all but I'm tried to assemble it here for convenience! Mostly a string of ficlets but strung together beautifully.
Quote: They all follow Jim around, and she swears up and down that Stonn's died his hair blond and grown it out to cover his ears. T'Pring has started wearing jeans.

Helloooo, Nurse! by [personal profile] lalazee
Synopsis: Starfleet era, Med AU (Kirk/Spock) Jim Kirk is the only male nurse on the Enterprise. He’s also the only one with any experience with Vulcan biology. You can guess who he’s been assigned to.
Notes: Spock's characterization is absolutely delicious. The slow, slow, slow pace of their relationship just made my heart swell. You can really feel the emotion rise. Absolutely lovely. Definitely going in my top rec list.
Quote: No Human doctor or nurse had ever thought to utilise a heating lamp during Spock’s physicals.

Faultlines by what-alchemy
Synopsis: Starfleet era, Genderswap, Established. (Kirk/Spock) Conveniently placed flowers turn Spock into a woman. No one’s happy about it.
Notes: Genderswap isn't my kink but this dealt with the the psychological stress of the change. How gender affects a person, not hormonally, but the mental state of being. It's lovely and real and you should read it.

Streetlight People by ladyblahblah
Synopsis: Starfleet era, AU, Epic. (Kirk/Spock) Strangers waitin', up and down the boulevard, their shadows searchin' in the night. Streetlight people, living just to find emotion; hiding somewhere in the night.
Notes:This... is just so very good. Long fic with great characterization.

Harry Potter

Says The Magpie To The Morning (Sorrow, Take Your Own Advice by femmequixotic
Synopsis: Post DH, Angst, Draco POV. (Harry/Draco) It's terribly bad form, sleeping with your ex when you're still half in love with the bastard
Notes: The depth of emotion is shattering.
Quote: "Ten, the love my own heart's missing."

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